"I love covering items with beautiful patterns." (Dani Obst)

Surface Design 

I offer mindfully created, colourful and playful surface designs for the textile, wallpaper and stationery industry.


Mindful Designing

Designing with a positive mindset is a very important aspect in my designing process. 

Nature, Colours and Geometrics

My main source of inspiration is nature. I've specialized in creating colourful, geometric, floral and conversational patterns with stylised motifs.



Hüllenpoesie is a German compound word which perfectly describes my love and appreciation for surface pattern designs.


Hüllen (n., pl.) 

  • cover (n.)
  • definition: 'Something that is placed over something, often for protection, or that lies over something else to form a layer' (see Cambridge Dictionary)


  • poetry
  • definition: 'A very beautiful or emotional quality.' (see Cambridge Dictionary)