Dani Obst of Hüllenpoesie is a surface pattern designer and graduated teacher from Germany. While working as a secondary school teacher for almost twenty years, she discovered the world of surface pattern design in 2016. She instantly knew she had found a treasure she has strongly felt connected to ever since. Publishing her designs gradually, she has since been approached by international clients. 


Dani mindfully creates playful and colourful patterns with stylised motifs, all inspired by nature, architecture, folk art and everyday life. Her designs have been characterized as stimulating and calming at the same time. 


She describes herself as being a mood catcher. It’s like taking a picture of a beautiful moment, she designs a pattern in the mood of a beautiful experience. 



Her design process itself is part of her daily mind training. It is important to her to design with a positive mindset. She calls it mindful designing which means to be present and positive while creating and therefore sharing the best of oneself. This attitude is based on the years in her life where she regularly practiced meditation in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism with several short retreats among others also in a Buddhist monastery in France.



Creating patterns, sharing them and seeing her designs coming to life on real products is just fulfilling to her. 


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I'm an alumna of "The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design". (Sept. 2016 - Feb. 2018)