In 2006, I visited a special art school in France which has completely changed my way of creating my designs.

This school was specialized in creating Buddhist artwork for a Buddhist temple nearby. The painters were also Tibetan Buddhist practitioners. Every paint has been mixed by them in advance while reciting buddhist prayers. The artwork being created was only considered finished if the painter had been practicing a positive mindset throughout the whole process. So no negative emotions like anger etc. should be involved in the creative process otherwise they would have stopped painting or in the worst case toss the artwork and start all over again. The aim as a practitioner is to train oneself in awareness, not letting negative thoughts become dominant thus causing negative emotions which would have a negative effect on the painting process and finally on its result.

"It's all about sharing the best of you - inwardly and outwardly." (Dani Obst)

With this background knowledge I've visited the temple afterwards and I was emotionally overwhelmed. I still have goosbumps when I reminisce that moment. Not only have I seen the beautiful artwork of the painters there, I have also realized how much effort they have put into training their mind maintaining a positive attitude while creating those beautiful pieces. I have perceived their artwork as pure since the painters have created their pieces with the most effort they could have possibly put into it - inwardly and outwardly.


So 'mindful designing' describes the process of designing my patterns with this positive mindset. 


I hope my work will bring you as much joy as I have had while creating my designs.